Varlamau's "victim": I had a great time on that trip


Ex-head of "Fashion Mill" Sasha Varlamau is standing trial in Minsk Lenin District Court. There are 353 victims in his case!  

But many of them are saying: "We do not considere ourselves aggrieved!" The victims are also complaining about having to attend the trial in their work time!

Designer Alena Lazouksaya went to fashion shows in Australia and the Czech Republic together with "Fashion Mill". According to the investigators, Varlamau appropriated 12 thousand euro in that trip - the delegates' daily allowances.

“I have no financial claims. It was a great trip. We did not have to pay for transportation and meals... And I know what the prices are there," designer Alena Lazouskya (who is considered to be... a victim) said.

"Fashion Mill" changed after Sasha Varlamau's arrest, designer Natallya said to me in court. She is also considered to be an aggrieved person.

“I do not think that I am a victim. They have summoned me here to give evidence and we are considered to be aggrieved persons. They asked me about everything because I am a participant of 'Fashion Mill'," Natallya replied. She added that the professional level of the fashion festival had deteriorated without its founder.

Designer Tatstsyana who travelled abroad with "Fashion Mill" is also considered to be aggrieved. But she does not think so either.

“The emotions were very positive, they could not be compared to material issues. What could you buy with the money? You could not even travel with it," the designer said.

Why don't the aggrieved have any claims although they are considered to be the designer's victims?.. It has happened because investigators can announce people to be the aggrieved party, lawyer Pavel Sapelka told Euroradio:

 “The institution in charge of the investigation of criminal cases or official prosecution has the right to announce a person to be aggrieved and summon them to court. And the person will decide what evidence to give. "

Victims can also demand a compensation of the lost money, Pavel Sapelka added:

“Victims can apply for a compensation. But it is up to the prosecution and the court to decide on their part in the hearing," the lawyer said.

Varlamau is accused of misappropriation of 787 million roubles (the daily allowances) in 2007-2010. The designer said: "We lacked money for the trips and they told me to use the allowances the way we needed."

Photo by - Euroradio