Ronald Pofalla: Europe is not going to give up sanctions

In the article published by the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, Pofalla recalls arrests of the presidential candidates on the election day and "highly doubtful" death sentence to Kanavalau and Kavalyou. The German politician sharply criticizes the President of Belarus for "falsification of elections, putting the brave critics of the regime to prisons, trying to break them down physically and morally".

Pofalla also reminds that "even harmless flash-mob actions have been prohibited in the country, let alone independent public opinion polls" - the BelaPAN news agency informs with a reference to "InoTV".

Pofalla makes a sad forecast for this year's parliamentary election in Belarus. According to him, "it will obviously be held in a familiar style: representatives of the opposition will not be admitted to the election commissions, independent parties will be turned down due to any excuses".

"In such conditions, any bilateral cooperation would only strengthen the regime's positions" - the German politician underlines. He admits that today Europe "might lose Belarus forever, as the country gave up a considerable part of its sovereignty to the benefit of Russia under Lukashenka's reign". However, Pofalla is convinced that the only correct way for the EU is the way of sanctions and the dialogue with the democratic minority.