Premiere on Euroradio: new Belarusian jazz from H.A. Quartet (video)

"We're playing here with the sampled orchestra - Hovhannes Avanesyan explains the specific features of the eponymous track. - I recently got addicted to the music of Stravinsky and Prokofiev, I listen to it a lot. Here, we use the fragment from Stravinsky's ballet "Rite of Spring " in the composition. Live, it is all run with the samples. And then all roles, like a puzzle, start getting hold of one another and create a smooth substance which rolls equally".

The H.A. Quartet play quite an unusual jazz for our altitude. Strong rythmic component lies in the basis, accompanied by light percussion rhythms by Hovhannes Avanesyan and piano improvisations performed by Kanstantsin Harachy.

The presentation Multi-single of HA Quartet consists of three tracks, the process of their recording was filmed.

"I realized that the audio, yes, will be goodHovhannes explains the appearance of the video. – However, we needed to show the process. Because this is completely different , when you listen to it. Basically, it is a live project. There exists the music that you can listen to at home. I think you need to listen to our music at a concert and watch the musicians, because they have something to say, and there is something to show".


Hovhannes Avanesyan says that the first video looks like a little story with drama, climax and happy ending. And the music itself tells of something miraculous. Musicians hope that each listener will find something personal in their music.

"Every musician has put his own impressions into this music, - contemplates the Quartet bassist Alyaksandr Yafimau. - This means, every person will have different feelings about this music, and this is exactly what the concept "reflection of the world" is: music is our reflection in the music, and we are the world's reflections. This is all very interesting and deeply personal. This is not a program music, you will not find something like "Visiting Cinderella" here. Everything is quite impressive".  

The compositions from the multi-single will be included into the new album of the H.A. Quartet, the material for which has already been written.