Violations spotted on policeman candidate's campaign leaflets (photo)


phoned our editorial office in the morning of September 19 and reported that
Valery Dahskouski's leaflets were pasted on their house - 21, Karl Marx Street.
There was no date-line on the leaflets.

I headed
for the spot to look at Dashkouski's agitation. Indeed, the leaflets were printed
on office paper and had no date-line.


to the law, it is forbidden to distribute anonymously printed agitation
materials. CEC secretary
Mikalai Lazavik confirmed that Dashkouki's leaflets violated the law.

 “All candidates' printed materials must have a
date-line. It is stipulated by the Electoral Code".

Mr. Lazavik
advised that I inform the district election commission about the incident. I
followed the advice, but the commission... told me to report it to the police.

 “You should better inform a police officer about
it. What can I do? I do not understand."

That's interesting.
Valery Dashkouski is the head of Leninski District Police Department of Security. Anyway, the commission registered my complaint.

It is not
the first time the CEC has problems with such leaflets. However, the candidate
may not be responsible for it. His rivals could do it to discredit him. There can be various dirty tricks. Chief physician of Polyclinic #18 Vadzim Kastsyukou
and MP Valyantsina Leanenka are running for the MP seat in the same constituency.