Pickets of solidarity with political prisoners forbidden in Mahileu

Mahileu city executive committee prohibited conducting pickets of solidarity with political prisoners on the Freedom Day on March 25. Mahileu democrats planned to conduct the said pickets near the office of the Mahileu KGB administration and in the square near the cinema "Radzima".

They stated that the place for conducting mass events in the city had been established long ago and was located at the address Chaliuskintsau Street, 64в, and that was the official reason for refusal.

“We will claim this decision in court, as the local authorities had no right to prohibit pickets, — Jury Novikau, one of the action's initiators, says. — They were supposed to allow the pickets in another place, and suggest this place to us. However, they prohibited the pickets first, and then said there was a variant in Chaliuskintsau Street, 64в, although it was isolated”.

Mahileu democrats will discuss the issue of conducting another event on this day in the nearest future.