People dissatisfied with after-blast repairs in Plyahanau Street


“Some people had parquet in their flats by the workers said that they could only use linoleum. There are problems in every flat,” Tatstsyana, inhabitant of the exploded house in Playhanau Street, told Euroradio.

The “nuances” are interesting. The metallic door in one of the flats was replaced with a wooden one due to fire safety requirements. The wallpaper offered to people was produced in Homel. Many people refused and bought wallpaper at their own expense. It is not clear whether they will get any compensation for it.

Not all the flats are being repaired. Workers are only repairing flats in the sixth and seventh floors. People who live below are still waiting although they moved back in a month ago.

The authorities have not commented on the reason for the explosion either. People only know the official reason for the temporary eviction.


Tatstsyana: “I have received a letter from the housing and communal services. They explained that people had to leave their flats because a crane was used. People are not allowed to live in the house when machinery is being used there. They said nothing about the reason for the explosion.”

People have not returned to the flats in the eighth and ninth floors yet. The flats were damaged more than the others and it is not clear when they will be repaired. It is not clear when the inhabitants will receive compensation and whether they will receive it.