Nyaklyayeu organizes picket-show and sings a duet with Vaitsyushkevich

Activists of the “Tell the Truth!” campaign have organized about 30 pickets and collected signatures in support of Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu near the GUM store in Minsk today. The head of the presidential contender’s team Andrei Dzmitryyeu has explained to ERB that the campaign is trying to demonstrate that Nyaklyayeu has many adherents.

Andrei Dzmitryyeu: “The idea is to demonstrate that we are numerous, that we do exist and that many people help Nyaklyayeu. It is necessary to note that there are pickets organized in Yakub Kolas Square, in Nyamiha and in other districts now. There will be 70 or 80 pickets working in Minsk by the end of the week”.

The leader of “Fair World” Syarhei Kalyakin has supported the idea of demonstrating the number of Nyaklyayeu’s adherents this way.

Syarhei Kalyakin: “It is impossible to collect the majority of signatures at such pickets. You have to visit people, to talk to them and collect signatures for it. However, there is sense in the fact that people should see an alternative. Many people just say: “There is no alternative, I see no one and I do not know what to do”.

Having given his signature in support of Nyaklyayeu, Kalyakin went to visit the pickets of Vital Rynasheuski and Andrei Sannikau nearby. He also noted that he was still hoping that democratic forces would unite.

Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu appeared near GUM at that moment and asked where he could give his signature in support of other democratic candidates.

Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu: “I will give my signature to all democratoc opposition candidates in public. Why? Of course we are rivals. But this competition resembles sports rather than politics. Politically, we are together”.

A member of Sannikau’s initiative group, General Valery Fralou gave his signature to Nyaklyayeu in response to it. However, he doubted the poet was able to rule the state.

Valery Fralou: “You have to be a professional to take part in political activities. Unfortunately, he lacks it despite all his other good qualities. I don’t think it is a good idea to gain experience in a situation that is complicated for the country”.

A teacher of one of capital schools who was passing by GUM supported the general.

Teacher: “He is a wonderful poet! He should better be involved in poetry peacefully. Maybe it would be a good idea to organize a club for amateurs of poetry. I think he may waste his talent this way”.

A friend of the poet’s, literary man Uladzimir Arlou, did not agree to it.

Uladzimir Arlou: “I think Nyaklyayeu’s participation in the pre-election presidential campaign and the victory we would like to believe in will not deprive us of a Belarusian poet Nyaklyayeu and will probably give him a new voice, a new level and experience”.

The head of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna has informed ERB that the first violations have been registered. Nyaklyayeu’s pre-election leaflets are being distributed in post-boxes which is forbidden before the actual registration. At the same time Yarmoshyna notes that there is no proof that the leaflets are distributed by Nyalkyayeu’s initiative group. The poet says he has nothing to do with the advertising newspapers.

Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu: “Anyone can print something and sign it as “Tell the Truth!” with an indication that it was printed in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Smolensk and to put it in somebody’s post-box. I cannot be responsible for it. The campaign I organized before is enough for me and I am not going to break the law. It will be enough to organize a dynamic campaign after the registration to avoid breaking the law again”.

A singer Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich came to support Nyaklyayeu.

They sang the song “Flag” together with the poet.

Photo and video by Zmitser Lukashuk