Netherlands' Foreign Minister urges to release Belarus' political prisoners

Uri Rosenthal urged the Belarusian authorities to release all political prisoners and to stop harassment of the civil society activists in his speech at the 18th OSCE's Ministerial Council in Vilnius.

Uri Rosenthal: "Absence of attention to the human dimension is seen in Belarus. The situation there is, frankly speaking, unacceptable. The conclusions made by the "Moscow mechanism" alert - there is a conclusion that the election in Belarus wasn't free and fair, that the opposition is harassed there and the media is limited. Therefore, I, as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, am urging the authorities of Belarus to release and rehabilitate all political prisoners. Not only those whose names are known, but also the anonymous men and women who stay in prison."

The Minister expressed his hope that Ireland, which is to head the OSCE, would not forget about these problems.