Most whimsical New Year customs


There is an interesting custom in Denmark. People throw dishes at their friends' door. They collect them during the year. Danes will not be surprised to see broken dishes and cups on their thresholds on the morning of January 1 - it simply  means that they have a lot of friends.

The inhabitants of Johannesburg Hillbrow stay at home. They throw things they do not need out of their windows. It is a difficult night for the police and they ask the riot police to help them and use helicopters.  

There is a  similar tradition in Italy. However, it seems to be a  legend used to attract tourists. And the traditions are different - wearing read clothes. You can even meet a policeman in red socks in this season of the year. Such a meeting should bring you luck.

Brazilians, Mexicans and Bolivians put on red underwear. Especially if they want to find their love. Yellow underwear means a desire to become rich and to be in good health.

The Venezuelans wishing to be rich should spend a lot on the New Year's feast. Those who want to travel should leave home with a suitcase.

Thousands of brave people jump into icy cold water near the Forth Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Pig races" are organized at a Swiss ski resort on January 1. 10 small piglets compete with one another. The winner will not be sent a meat-packing plant.

Interestingly, the New Year's Day is not a happy holiday everywhere.  People from Chilean Talca  spend the day at cemeteries with their deceased  relatives. The event attracts 5 thousand people every year.

Not all Britons are happy about the holiday either. A third of them stay in bed at midnight on December 31.

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