From Minsk to Vladivostok - on scooters

Hanna Kazlovich: We grew up with this dream to go to Vladivostok. We met each other and this dream became our common idea. I don't think there are a lot of such people. We are very happy that we found each other.

Euroradio: Weren't you afraid of such a journey? Did you trust your husband or was it you who became the engine of the event?


Hanna Kazlovich:  It's difficult to say who was the engine. The hardest part was just to start. As there is always a lot of stuff to do which cannot be put off till tomorrow, friends, work. However, we managed to take this step, we postponed everything and made our dream come true, we reached the Pacific Ocean.

Hanna Kazlovich: We managed to do this for 54 days. It's a long time. However, we went on the vehicles with small cubic capacity - on scooters with the speed of 50 km per hour. It was more interesting for us this way. The roads in Russia are not as bad now as they say, thus it is quite easy to get there by a motorcycle. But we never looked for easy ways so we went by scooters.

Euroradio: How many kilometers does this route make?

Hanna Kazlovich: A little more than 11 thousand. We did not have a goal to get there as soon as possible, we wanted to see Russia, to see how people live there, to talk to people. We spent a day or two in some towns, and stayed at Baikal for a while.

Euroradio: Is there anything in common between the Russian and the Belarusian cities and villages?

Hanna Kazlovich: Naturally, there are slightly different proportions in Russia. There are districts in Siberia, where 12 thousand people live in the district center, and there are no towns or even villages around it for some 200-300 kilometers. The proportions impress. However, the people are very generous, they remind Belarusians. We felt no discomfort, or difference of mentality. Of course, we are different, but we have much in common.

Euroradio: Were there any adventures or surprises during your journey?

Hanna Kazlovich: There was everything. We went at +35 and -5 C. There were a lot of adventures, if someone gets interested in such journey; detailed information is available at our webpage

We witnessed a horrible accident, and the joy of seeing the Pacific Ocean - everything left an impression on us.

Euroradio: They say that if you need to check a person you should take him on a hiking tour. So, did you check your husband, is he a reliable person?

Hanna Kazlovich: He is. I think that he is a person with whom I would go on a world tour. I hope that he thinks the same of me.

Euroradio: What are your plans for the future?

Hanna Kazlovich: There are many roads, and the best ones are those which we haven't been to yet. We do not make plans, we just dream. 


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