Mihail Pashkevich finds author of "Bakiyev's greetings"

Let us remind you that everything started when Pashkevich accidentally photographed Zhanybek Bakiyev in the centre of Minsk. He received a note saying "greetings from Mr. Bakiyev" in a Minsk cafe a few days later. The guy complained about the note to the police.

Mihail Pashkevich: "The police started investigating the case on Monday and began asking everyone about the incident - what, where and when. The author of the joke understood that a criminal case was about to be started so he came up to me and apologized. He though that I would understand that it was a joke".

Pashekevich says that he does not remember the acquaintance's name. He only knows that this man was a member of an opposition youth group 4 or 5 years ago where he distributed leaflets and attended meetings. He is not involve in active politics now.

Pashkevich did suspect that the note could be a joke. However, his colleagues and friends do not play such tricks because they often face sudden detentions.

By the way, Pashkevich has already asked the police to stop the investigation. He did not tell the joker's name to the police because he does not remember it. However, he has promised to post a link to his nickname and profile in social networks so that the public could learn about it.

Photo by — svaboda.org