Makey: Belarus ready for dialogue with EU without pressure and sanctions

According to BELTA, Makey has said the following: "We are the neighbours of the European Union. Our President says that God means us to live in peace, friendship and consent with neighbours. We are ready for this. However, we demand decent and polite attitude, with no pressure or sanctions. We are ready to maintain friendly relations on the base of equality".

The official believes that no further sanctions of the EU can lead to considerable changes in the relations with the official Minsk. According to Makey, many countries have the same nuances as Belarus with regard to the level of democracy in the country and the society, but they are members of the Council of Europe and the EU has normal relations with them.

Alongside with that, Makey called the EU "black lists" an absurdity. He has said that without cancellation of these lists there won't be any positive changes in the relations of Belarus and the EU.

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