Lukashenka refutes existence of political prisoners

The Belarusian state leader has claimed that there are no political articles in our country’s Criminal Code. He has also informed that he is not bargaining with the West in this issue. At the same time Alyaksandr Lukashenka says that he would not refuse from its help.
Lukashenka: "We are not bargaining with anyone. We are not interested in the trade. If somebody thinks that we are looking for “the fifth column” of support in the West during the crisis, this is a lie. The West has never supported us and it is unlikely to do it. Speaking about contacts with representatives of foreign states, we did not have contacts only with the Bulgarian Foreign Minister. There were a lot of meetings with businessmen, bankers, politicians, deputies and congressmen from the USA and other states. We are contacting them to see and perceive what people from abroad think of Belarus.  We would never refuse from any help at this time – be it from the West, Russia or China”.

 Let us remind you that Lukashenka used to claim that there were 2 or 3 political prisoners in Belarus.