Likhavid: I met a man in prison who is there for election-2006

Likhavid: "There is a great number of political prisoners in Belarus. If we count all of them we will fall in despair. Even in Novapolatsk I met a man who had been imprisoned for the election-2006. His case is made up of nothing, and he got 12 years. He has to serve two years at the moment - the court changed the sentence from 12 to 8 years of imprisonment”.

In Likhavid's opinion, people are convicted for political motives every day. Therefore, there's nothing to negotiate with the authorities about.

Let us remind you, Mikita Likhavid was convicted for the events which took place on December 19, 2010. He served punishment in the colony of Novapolatsk, and was released recently by the state leader's decree on pardon.