Human rights defenders to remind about "Square" political prisoners

The heroes of the publication are the people mentioned in the criminal case on the events which took place on December 19, 2010. A year ago, in May 2011, there was a peak of court trials against these people. 42 people were convicted as a result. Some of them are still in prison.

Also, there will be a presentation of the photo album "Our Spring. History in Personalities". According to the web-site of the human rights center "Vyasna", the album is dedicated to the 16-years history of the human rights defenders' activity. The album includes interviews with human rights activists, including the last interview at freedom of Ales Byalyatski, who is imprisoned at the moment.   

There will also be a discussion on the topic of human rights situation in Belarus and existence of political prisoners. Everyone is invited. The presentation starts at the office of the BPF party (Charnysheuski street, 3, back entrance) at 6 p.m.