Hrodna Province Executive Committee to buy 4 TV-sets for $1000


may be a TV-set. I  have never paid attention
to such details. We have no TV-set in our office so I have never thought about
it," an employee of the administration of Hrodna Province Executive Committee
said  irresolutely answering our question
about office TV-sets.

This committee published a list of purchases
for 2013 on the state purchase website. There are interesting items on the
list. For example, the Executive Committee is going to buy four plasma TV-sets
for 35 million roubles. It means that they will cost one thousand dollars each.
No bad. You can buy a 40" Samsung of Sony of the latest design with the money.
A similar Belarusian Horizont will only cost you 400 dollars. The enterprise administration
say that the most expensive Belarusian TV-sets cost 800 dollars. The domestic enterprise
does not to produce TV-sets costing 1000 dollars.

Unfortunately, we have not managed to
discuss the purchase with Alyaksandr Baravik - the person responsible for it.
He and his deputies are either ill or on vacations.

There are a lot of TV-sets in their
building, head of the ideology department of Vitsebsk Province Executive Committee
Alyaksandr Klitsunou told Euroradio. But even the governor has a Vitsebsk
Vityuaz in his reception room.

“I have a Vityaz in my office. I am sitting
opposite this TV-set now. I do not think that the governor has a TV-set. There
is one in his reception room though. It is a Vityaz too. I am sure of it."

Euroradio has found out that Hrodna Province
Executive Committee is also trying "to save money" on notebooks. They
are planning to buy 10 for 100 million roubles. It means that one notebook will
cost about 10 million roubles (about $1150). But ordinary office notebooks
usually cost about 380 or 400 dollars. You can also buy a notebook for $1150 if
you need an ultra-slim one with a very powerful microprocessor and a graphics card
for gaming. But what do officials from a regional executive committee need it