Is every station of Minsk metro guarded well? (photos, figures)

In order to determine the extent to which the metro guards monitor the entrance turnstiles, we visited all the existing Minsk metro stations (in late July, 2012). This February, we have visited the three new metro stations - "Hruszauka", "Michałowa" and "Piatrouszczyna" (and paid additional visits to some stations where we were before).

We filmed at the grounds with turnstiles. We visited the stations visited at different times of the day.

Thus, our survey let us calculate the extent of the metro protection by the people in uniform.


At present, there are 28 stations in use in the Minsk metro.

A guard who watched the turnstiles or controlled the situation on the platform was physically present at 10 stations.

At 18 stations, the turnstiles were watched only by female controllers, whose mission was not to admit ticketless travelers to the metro.

According to our survey, only 36% of all stations are properly guarded by men in uniform.

Attention! Each argument of this survey can be confirmed by the relevant video.

Interior Minister: "The combination of a guard’s physical presence and new techniques contributes to the protection of the metro".

After the terrorist attack on April 11, 2011 it seemed that the people in uniform would be on duty at the metro entrance turnstiles as if they were a royal throne. At first it was like this. Any large items were checked with metal detectors everywhere.

However, as time passed they started watching  the turnstiles less thoroughly. The journalists repeatedly signaled about this situation. In the summer of 2012 Euroradio correspondents walked through the metro with a big bag, following the way of metro blast convict Dzmitry Kanavalau, almost unhindered.

In autumn, the issue of insufficient metro protection was raised in the program "Open Format" on the ONT TV channel.