Euroradio presents: "Na Jamaiku" from "Bez Bileta"!

Frontman of the band "Bez Bileta" Vital Artist composed a reggae-style song in order to save himself from hypovitaminosis and the long long winter:

"I have an impression that we've had two winters instead of one!" Vital Artist tells Euroradio. "I longed for summer every day, day and night! So, on this wave, being an inhabitant of Northern altitude, who dreams about the good weather, I wrote this song." 

Hip-hop producer from Russia Kirill Borisov took part in the recording. He is known for his cooperation with Noize MC. Thanks to him, the song acquired the hip-hop aura:

"His beats made the song sound stronger and made a cannon blow out of the "Bez Bileta" hit!" says Artist, adoringly, "The point is, reggae is my love, it meets my internal vibrations. However, I like the light side of the reggae and Rasta-culture, the side which is not connected with using prohibited substances. The Sun, the sea, travelling!"

"Bez Bileta" are going to support the new song with a video already in a week.

The musicians promise to convey this sunny mood to the upcoming album as well. The album will include 10 songs. As for the style in which the musicians work now, they call it "sporty Rasta" or "sport-Rasta-style".

There will still be some philosophic psychedelic compositions in the album, Artist promises, but the band will focus on the love to the sunny music nevertheless. 

"The Sun, the sea, adventures, sports, life and love! I have a very clear image of the future album: sunny music partly based on hip-hop. I even thought of the name! However, as I know the inconstancy of our views, I would better keep it in secret so far."

In addition to the above, "Bez Bileta" have prepared a set of their sunniest songs! It is available for download here.