Music presentation

The band has given a concert at Playtsouka Hall .
During the recording of the album Air, group leader "completely disassembled and reassembled himself again."

The most cinematographic song is called 1234.

The joint mini album of the Lyapises and Karibasy is dedicated to poet and musician Sergey ‘Oldi’ Belousov.

The Byaroza-Minsk rock formation presents a double single that symbolizes the band's movement forward.

The young singer has recorded a sound track for her own summer. Leta is Palina’s first unassisted studio record.

The sunny song based on reggae and hip-hop announces the new album, which is planned to be released in autumn.

The first part of the :B:N: new program will be ready in two weeks. By now, Euroradio offers you to listen to the start of "Acoustic"!

The first song that was put on screen is "Crate Of Your Creator”. The video was shot by 9 cameras during the presentation of the program in Re:Public club.