Presentation on Euroradio: Numerals, track #4 by Drum Ecstasy

Drum Ecstasy present the fourth track from Numerals on Euroradio – 1234.

"We always start counting with 1 and 2. This is the only song where we used 1-2-3-4,” leader of the band Filip Chmyr explained.

 According to Filip, 1234 is the most cinematographic song of the mini-album:

"It can be felt that it was made for a movie. The concert version looks different. The sound record consists of three parts. We imagined three pictures while composing it so we got there images.”

Numerals is a new album of DrumEcstasy. The musicians will present 5 tracks on Euroradio within 1.5 months. The CD was supposed to become a soundtrack for a film at first. However, the band decided to refuse from it later and made an album of their own.

The last soundtrack will be presented in a week. DrumEcstasy will give the last out of five concerts in Kiev as a warm-up band for Lyapis Trubetskoy on December 7.