Presentation: "Nie Tryvaj" - first single from "Acoustic" by :B:N:

The :B:N: lead singer Ales Lyutych has told Euroradio that it was one of Minsk concerts that encouraged them to record an acoustic program. The musicians played their hit "Nie Tryvaj" unplugged for the first time ever during that concert. The fans obviously liked the song and the musicians decided to start a full-length acoustic program, naturally, with "Nie Tryvaj".



The musicians believe that "Nie Tryvaj" corresponds with the light mood more than all the other songs of the acoustic program.

Ales Lyutych: "We wanted to show different faces of the :B:N: by this program: it can be heavy or light, like this. This is not the same as singing songs to a guitar near a bonfire in the woods! Our acoustic program is highly professional and well-thought. First of all, we wouldn't want this or that track to sound pretty much the same in the acoustic version". 

15 tracks will be included in the acoustic album. The band will present 6 of them already in two weeks, and all the rest will come to the audience only in autumn. The :B:N: are going to take some time off for the summer holidays. Ales Lyutych recorded all the songs for the upcoming "Acoustic" together with the band's drummer Zmitser Kharytanovich

"In order to pick the songs for the acoustic program we had to play all the :B:N hits unplugged, to see which of them sound the best in the "light" acoustic version with new arrangements, - Ales continues. - Naturally, we chose the songs that were more familiar t our audience. We will try to give them a sort of a comeback - soft and light, not hard-rock".