Dzmitry Us released (first interview, photo and video)

It became known on Saturday night that ex-presidential candidate Dzmitry Us had been released. He called his wife and informed this himself.

Dzmitry was released at about 19.00 from the Valadarski street detention center. They just ordered him to pack his things and showed the documents on pardon. The ex-candidate did not file any requests to Lukashenka.

Please see the first interview given by Dzmitry Us after release at our webpage.

Let us remind you, Dzmitry Us was sentenced for organization of mass disturbances in the framework of the Dec. 19 case. He got five years and a half in prison.

Dzmitry Us told the journalists about  the pressure in the colony, about relations with other prisoners and his plans for the future, in his first interview after release.

Speaking about the administration's attitude, the now-former political prisoner noted the authorities' desire to obtain a request for pardon form him:

“When I was in the colony, there once was a case when I was supposed to have a long-term meeting. One boss said that I had a right for a 3-days meeting. Another boss called me the next day and said I only had a right for a 1-day meeting. I asked him why and he replied that it was because I hadn't signed the papers. The colony's administration limited my meeting and said it would take place if I signed the papers. They tried to press me with such petty blackmail. They created conditions when the prisoners behaved abnormally. They made imprisonment impossible to bear... This system breaks people down”.

In the photo - Us' wife Yauhenia helps him to put on the prison uniform.

There was another limitation for Dzmitry - they limited opportunities to contact with other prisoners.

“I lived in a separate sector. Five people watched over me. They kept me separately. I cannot say whether there were some normal people. There are mostly people sentenced for financial crimes - illegal activity, bribery. The next most frequent article - drugs”.

First days of imprisonment in the Valadarski Street detention center were the most complicated for Dzmitry Us. However, he says he prepared himself exactly for this.

“The first days in the Valadarski Street detention center were the hardest ones. It's difficult there psychologically - closed space. It's complicated just to be there all the time. However, when I took the bag I had not expected to stay free. The Chief had had a bee in his bonnet”.

These hands made hammocks in prison.

The ex-presidential candidate thinks that his release happened due to the pressure of the West. He thinks that the authorities are about to release other political prisoners, too.

“I can say that my release is connected with Europe, with the United States. He was forced to release us under their pressure. I think that both Sannikau and Statkevich will be released in the nearest future. Bandarenka and Sannikau will be the last ones. Possibly, Dashkevich. I am speaking about those who are in the colonies now”.

The ex-presidential candidate was provided with employment in the colony, although there weren't enough working places for everyone.

“I had a set daily routine. Work. I made hammocks. One hammock was Br 1300 for me. They paid me like this. There are 50 thousand hammocks on sale already. A prisoner's salary makes Br 60-75 thousand. We compensated them 75% for being in their colony. Only 200 people worked out of 750... The administration cannot provide employment for everyone. However, they managed to find work for me for some reason. I think it was the Chief's order.”

There was also time for fun - chess, books and education in the first place.

“I played chess in the colony... With a lawyer... I won almost all the time. I read books, studied English. I've reread "Peter the First", read "Admiral Nelson". I worked out a bit. Time passed quickly.”

Dzmitry Us is not going to quit politics. He will run for deputy next year, and he is convinced that he will definitely win in the free election.

“We need to survive till the next election. As for the People's Assembly next year, I will surely go there, 100%, at my electoral district...I hope that I will take part in the next election as a candidate for deputy, and that there will be no cheats, that there will be real counting of ballots. In this case, I will definitely become a deputy, 100%".

Photo by: Euroradio.