Black eye and blood on face - photographer's experience



and activists of the youth affiliate of "Tell the Truth" were detained
after a picket near Minsk supermarket "Frunzenski". The detention was
brutal, Associated Press reporter Syarhei Hryts told Euroradio.

Syarhei Hryts:
"They punched me in the right eye and I was wearing glasses. Then they
pushed everyone into the police bus without any explanations. We were delivered
to Frunze District Department of the Interior and had to put all our cameras on
a table in the assembly hall. We spent about two hours visiting different people
there but nobody asked us about anything. We were let off two hours later. All
the information has disappeared from our cameras - the flash drives have been

to the journalist, activists were going to appeal for an election boycott and treat
passers-by to borsch. But the picket did not even start - "Zmena"
activists only managed to put out a saucepan with borsch and install an agitation
stand. Photographer Uladzimir Hrydzin says that journalists and activists were detained
by policemen in plain clothes - he recognized one of the attackers.

Leader of the
campaign Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu refutes the fact that activists could take part
in an "illegal" picket.

: "The Election Code allows boycotting elections."

Hryts left the police office with a black eye and blood on his face. According
to him, he is going to register the fact of beating as soon as possible. At the
same time, head of the press service of Minsk City Department of the Interior
Alyaksandr Lastouski says that journalists were not detained - "their documents
and accreditation were checked and they were let off afterwards." Policemen
are not commenting on Hryts' black eye.

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