50 g of gold to go for each Slutsk sash copy


Euroradio informed before, there was no equipment which could make a copy of
the Slutsk sash in Belarus. The equipment was ordered in Germany, while the
employees of the factory "Slutsk sashes" are already looking for the
packaging options for original and gift sashes.

"We are performing
reconstruction works and buy the equipment at present",
- they modestly tell us at the
factory. They also say that the first sashes may appear already in June. 

The director of the museum
of ancient history Barys Lazuka explains that the factory will
produce two types of sashes:

"There is a concept
of an analogue-copy and a souvenir. An analogue is a copy that is as close
to the original as possible. Naturally, the cost it will be great. There are
different proposals with regard to raw materials, and the way the threads will
be entwisted - by gold or silver. About 50 grams of gold will go for a sash, so
you can calculate the cost. However, it will be a single product."

The price for such a sash
will be approximately $1-2 thousand, depending on the quantity of gold or
silver. However, no one has calculated the price so far.

It is planned that the
factory will produce also souvenir sashes, made of artificial silk and not real
gold. Barys Lazuka has said to Euroradio that an average person will not
distinguish them from the expensive copies.

In Slutsk, they produce the
sashes that remind the famous Slutsk sashes only by the image and size today. They
cost about 4 million roubles.

"Our sashes are
hand-made and it takes 2 months to make one. This is why the price is 4
million. If it is made of silk, then it will probably cost about 5 million, and
if real gold is used it will be much more expensive." 

the packaging for the future analogue and souvenir copies of the Slutsk sashes
is valued at 800 million rubles for all products.

packaging should also be a work of art, they say at the factory. There should
be the manufacturer's name in Belarusian and English, an image of the Slutsk
sash and of the town of Slutsk, and the trademark "Slutsk sashes".
The length of the sash will be from 200 to 480 cm, the width - 20 to 40. For
comparison, the length of the sash stored in Bahdanovich museum is 360, the
width - 30 cm.

The factory building will
be decorated by an enlarged coloured image of the Slutsk sash - one of the five
that exist in Belarus today.