Political prisoner Alinevich tears letters that offer to ask for pardon

Ihar Alinevich was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment for the so-called "anarchists case".

According to Valyantsina Alinevich, quoted by Radio Racyja, the meeting lasted for a day, and happened in a room of no bigger than 10-12 square meters. It was prohibited to leave the room. It turned into a great challenge in the conditions of such heat.

Alinevich's mother says that he got two letters from Babruisk. The authors of the letters tried to persuade him to write an appeal for pardon in the state leader's name. The political prisoner tore the letters into pieces and threw them away. According to his mother, he considers it unacceptable when people try to force some opinion over those who came through difficult life circumstances, or stay in prison.

Photo - ntvsport.ru