Polish hip-hop free-stylists to stage an action of solidarity with Belarus

An action of solidarity with Belarus will take place on April 16 in Warsaw. The most popular Polish hip-hop free-stylists will display their class to the Belarusians.
The event will begin at 7 p.m. at Obiekt Znaleziony Club, featuring the Polish freestyle stars like Pan Duze Pe, Procente, WSZ, Muflon and others.

Apart from a traditional word fight, something that can be described as "democratic freestyle" will take place this time. Artistes will touch on the issues of freedom, the freedom of speech and democracy in their texts.

"The leaders of the Belarusian youth organizations propose that all the countries stage a day of solidarity with Belarus on April 16. This event is our response to their appeal", says Jan Wisniewski from the Free Belarus initiative, the organizer of the event.

The event's final will take place on Pilsudski Ssquare where all the participants of the concert will release hundreds of white-red-white baloons as a sign of solidarity with Belarus.