Police detain Slonim resident for comments on Kazakhstan

Detention of Aliaksandr Pyatushkou / video footage
Detention of Aliaksandr Pyatushkou / video footage

A Slonim resident Aliaksandr Pyatushkou has been detained for his negative comments on the situation in Kazakhstan, writes Telegram channel 'hrodnalike'. Hrodna riot police arrived to detain him.

On January 12, a "repentant" video of Pyatushkou appeared in pro-governmental telegram channels.

Aliaksandr said that he "wrote negative information about the events that took place in Kazakhstan: about the protest mood in Kazakhstan, about the change of power, about the introduction of a peacekeeping contingent to Kazakhstan".

Previously, it was reported that two Minskers were detained for commenting on the Belarusian military in Kazakhstan.

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