PM Kabyakou to supervise BelGee production

Прэм’ер Кабякоў стаў куратарам вытворчасці аўтамабіляў “БелДжы”

A new list of major investment projects supervised by higher officials – members of the government, heads of regional executive committees and Mink City Executive Committee and directors of state organizations – is out.

There are 55 objects on the list, refers to the Council of Ministers. PM Andrei Kabyakou will supervise the production of Geely cars . Vice PM Uladzimir Syamashka will keep controlling the constriction of the Belarusian NPP and his colleague Anatol Kalinin will head of project of development of of Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant.


Mihail Rysy will be responsible for the production of turkey in Lida District, Natallya Kachanava will control the modernisation at Naftan.


Most of the projects will be realised with the help of foreign investments.