Pet Shop Boys' new album cover reminds Minsk city brand

Alexander Grand from the "Instid" says that "many striped patterns" can be found at the posters designed in Constructionism style.

Grand: "This only confirms that we got into an archetype. Blue is hi-tech. This is what Minsk needs - to work intensively to associate itself with the striped style. As for them, I think they were led by intuition. Very decent designers conveyed the hi-tech, the electronic music this way. This means, such style is up-to-date now."

The studio album of the Pet Shop Boys is planned to be released on July 15. Meanwhile, it is for the city authorities and the civil council to decide whether the blue pattern will become the brand of Minsk or not.

Euroradio reminds, last June the city authorities announced the contest for the Minsk city brand designers. They planned to spend on it Br 300 million from the budget. The British company "Instid" designed the brand. After the demonstration of the first results of their work, an alternative Minsk branding team was created. They suggested about 40 variants, including the National Library, the QR-code in the national ornament etc. These patterns were also submitted to the city authorities.

Minsk brand developers show capital city in 2050 (photo)

Main photo: to the left - Minsk's visual style, to the right - Pet Shop Boys album cover.