Pavel Sevyarynets is released

На волю выйшаў Павел Севярынец

Co-leader of the steering committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Pavel Sevyarents has been released after 15 days in Orsha jail.


The police did not allow anyone to meet Sevyarynets near the detention centre, the BCD press service reports. He was delivered to the railway station by car.

Orsha District Court punished the politician for participating in a non-freeloaders’ march on March 12. A lot of people took part in the protest. Sevyaryents was returned guilty of repeated violation of the order of organization of mass actions.

Pavel Sevyaryents is make a speech during Orsha non-freeloaders’ march. Photo:

На волю выйшаў Павел Севярынец
Перад удзельнікамі вулічнай акцыі ў Оршы выступае Павел Севярынец. Фота: