Passing scores of officials: Lukashenka — 211, Minister of Education — 142

"The students have an idea about the profession, when they come to us, but I cannot say that it is particularly specific. Children who love geography, literature come to us," said the staff member at the history department of the Kuleshov University in Mogilev. Head of State, Alyaksandr Lukashenka, graduated from this department 40 years ago. 

There's a large stand hanging at the department reminding students of the occasion.

"It's hard not to notice it, we have a large stand hanging, with inscription. There is also another stand, which is constantly updated, there are also representatives of the Ministry of Education who graduated from our university. There are a lot of young people who recently graduated. Many of them work in the Mogilev City Executive Committee," staff told Euroradio about continuity in President's Alma Mater. 

This year, in order to enter the department of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, one had to get 211 points. Anastasia from Mogilev enters the Department of History with 240 points, but she isn't considering a political career yet. 

"Probably, I will become a teacher, but apart from history there is also social studies, so one can serve in the police. I do not know yet," female student described her future. 

In the Agricultural Academy, where Alexander Lukashenko received economic education, passing score to his subject this year is more than 200 points. Since they were unable to initially recruit enough students, there was additional recruitment campaign. 

The department of engineering systems and environment in Brest, where Prime Minister Myasnikovich received his education, grants free places to  students with 164 points this year. The second most important person in the country does not forget his own university. 

"Recently there was a meeting with him, he came to the university, we talked. The country cannot do without our specialists. But we need to make the profession of engineer popular. And now students want to have easy studies and then high salaries. Russia realized recently they lack good professionals," explains the faculty member. And they recall that the Prime Minister graduated university with a degree in "Natural and waste water purification." 

Mikhail Myasnikovich 

238 points out of three tests and a high school diploma are necessary to study at the Department of Civil Engineering of BNTU which the head of Minsk Mikalai Ladutska graduated from. This year, it was advertised to lure students, confessed the faculty member. 

"In the video about faculty we are talking about our famous alumni. But we started  only this year, as we feared shortfall of applicants. In recent years, it is parents  who choose the specialty not applicants. Applications are filed by families, and sometimes it comes to scandals," said member of faculty where, in addition to the mayor of Minsk, studied Rector of BNTU and some of today's diplomats and staff of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Mikalai Ladutska

Ironically, one of the lowest passing scores is at the specialty of the Education Minister Syargei Maskevitch. You would need to have only 142 points to study to become a physicist at the Yanka Kupala University in Grodno. .

Syargei Maskevich 

And the Health Minister's Vasil Zharko department demands one of the highest passing scores. To study to become a pediatrician at the Medical University in Minsk, you need to have 303 points out of possible 400.

Vasil Zharko 

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