Opposition members pay tribute to Stalin terror victims

About 50 members of the opposition Conservative Christian Party (CCP) staged a somber rally in the Loshytsa Park in Minsk to pay tribute to the Stalin terror victims.
The demonstrators gathered in front of the Worsted Factory Culture Palace and walked a couple of blocks to the park waving white-red-white flags and carrying signs that said, "Let's Defend Belarus from Russian Imperialism" and "Belarusian Solidarity."

At the rally, a CCP activist read out a statement by exiled CCP leader Zyanon Paznyak, who said that memories of "the genocide" reminded Belarusians of "dangers of the totalitarian and occupation regime."  

The event passed off without incidents, BelaPAN reported. Six activists of the Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) laid flowers at the memorial cross in the park on the same day.