No clashes for CHL All Stars match tickets?

Organizers of the CHL All Star hockey match and the administration of Minsk Arena promise there will be no two tickets for one seat sold. Tickets for the All Stars match on January 30 at Minsk Arena have been on sale through TicketPro system for several days. But Minsk Arena representatives said recently the tickets were invalid and advised to return the tickets to TicketPro dealers and to buy the tickets from Minsk Arena instead.

Euroradio has found out what to do if two people will buy tickets through two different distribution systyems for one seat.

Dinamo Minsk spokesperson Yulia Ulasava assured Euroradio such situation is not possible even theoretically. "Minsk Arena cannot sell tickets that are in the TicketPro system, so there would be no situation even hypothetically that two people will get a ticket for the same seat", she said

A representative of Minsk Arena, Ivan Karpenka, said the sides are close to solving misunderstanding and promised that fans would not be affected.

The Moscow office of CHL said they are confident there are no commercial or political reasons -- simply -- technical for the situation. The match is going to take place anyway.