A night at Maidan: Euroradio's video report from Ukraine protests in Kyiv

The protest actions in the Maidan of Independence continue for the third week already. The people built barricades, put tents, opened a concert ground and arranged several mobile kitchen trailers. The protesters say they will stay there till the end.

"This is the third week that I'm here. I came as soon as it started, from Lviv region. I will stay here till the end, till we throw Azarov out of here, we will not calm down. I am telling you this on behalf of the whole Maidan," a Western Ukraine resident approaches us with a box of biscuits, offering to say something to the camera.

There are hundreds of people who give out food in Maidan. It's almost impossible to leave the place hungry. Biscuits, sandwiches, porridge with stewed meat, bullion. "The kitchens are working non-stop," one of the chiefs says. However, there's a problem with alcohol - you can find beer but rarely, and the guards chase drunk people away from the barricades.

Also, there is non-stop singing to guitar, speeches, smoke coming from metallic barrels in which the demonstrators support the fire all the time... See all this in our video.