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New Year party in Minsk costs same as in Warsaw, but twice as much as in Kyiv


Already at the beginning of December in Minsk were booked 90% of restaurants and cafes for the New Year celebrations. As a rule, Minsk establishments offer a program for the whole night, from 22:00 till the morning. Prices start at 1,2 mln rubles (about 65 dollars) per person. In the restaurant "Seventh Heaven" the complete menu with live entertainment - an MC, contests, a DJ, magician, musical groups and others - will cost $100. Prices at the "Apple" restaurant are not much different. Here the price of the New Year celebration is 1.7 million ($93):

"The table menu consists of about five kinds of cold appetizers, salads, two hot dishes, alcoholic and soft drinks. There are about half a liter of alcohol per person --  you can bring the rest with you: champagne, vodka at your choice or based on the sum of our menu," explained the person in the restaurant and added that if there are more than 8 people, the price for one person will drop to 1 million 580 thousand rubles (86 dollars).

Celebrating the New Year in Kyiv will come much cheaper than the one in Minsk. For example, the Persian Palace restaurant offers Persian cuisine with a DJ and oriental dance program for just $30. Slightly more expensive will be the night with "bright and positive MCs and an incredibly exciting show of twins, fiery dances" in the "Banquet Pati." In this case, the cost will include the menu for the evening and the opportunity to bring your own alcohol. There are more expensive offers in the Ukrainian capital. The entertainment program and the New Year's menu with food and drink for 55 US dollars is offered by a restaurant and karaoke bar "Gorilla".

But in Lviv, which is getting increasingly popular with Belarusians, the prices are three times smaller than the price tags of Minsk. For example, in the restaurant "Manuscript" where the New Year's party will be held in a retro style and will be dedicated to the Polish pre-war city, the New Year's menu is $22 including alcohol. Without drinks it is $5 less.

The Warsaw prices are similar to the Minsk ones. The average price for the night here including food and alcohol is around $65. For example, you can enjoy the "Pub Lolek" with grill bar, beer and wine for $70.

But in the neighboring Lithuania restaurants generally do not offer long and rewarding programs. The prices here are high by our standards - from 100 euros per person. For example, in the cafe "Aula" the New Year's Eve celebration with DJ and MC will be devoted to Argentina. Food with beer and wine here will cost 110 euros per person. A five-course dinner and a glass of champagne in the "Narutis" in the New Year eve will be 145 euros.