New administrative code to come into effect on March 1


A new Administrative Code of Belarus is to come into effect on March 1, seting out more stringent measures for the violation of road rules. Yury Litvin, the chief of the Belarus Traffic Police, tells the European Radio for Belarus what changes both the drivers and pedestrians can expect. 

“Nearly 25 articles in the Administrative Code have been amended. Talking on the mobile phone while driving, for example, will be fined with 2 base rates.

Administative prosecution of pedestrians for the violation of road rules has also been enhanced.

Drunken drivers or those driving when under the influence of narcotis will be subjected to administrative arrest, and their cases will be heard in courts, not resolved by the traffic police as before.

Driving license will be removed from a drunken driver for the period of three years. Parallel to that, a driver will pay a fine of up to 35 basic rates.

A traffic police officer is allowed to receive the fine on the spot if the amount of the fine does not exceed two basic rates, e.g. for talking on a mobile phone while driving or for the violations committed by pedestrians or for wrongful parking," Litvin said.

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