Nasha Niva newspaper closes paper version, remains online

Газета "Наша ніва" цалкам перайшла ў інтэрнэт

The last printed issue of Nasha Niva is out. The newspaper will exist only on the web from now on, reports. The edition has successfully adapted to the new epoch, the editorial staff explained. 475 thousand users visited the newspaper’s website in May. They read 7.1 million pages. The numbers may be twice bigger in other months. “This is incomparable to the number of readers of the paper version,” the editorial staff wrote. “There is hardly any sense in maintaining the paper version.”

Nasha Niva was founded in Vilnius in 1906 and played a big part in the Belarusian renaissance at the beginning of the 20th century. Syarhei Dubavets resumed its printing in 1991. The newspaper has been printed in the Belarusian capital starting from 1996.