Naked hooligans nearly put out Eternal Fire

Minsk City Department of the Interior informed ERB that the three inhabitants of Tsnyanka who had tried to put out the Eternal Fire were detained on Thursday.
The police do not want to tell anything about the way the hooligans were trying to put the fire out for some ethical reason. Anyway, the fire did not fade.

“Members of the department of investigation of Patryzanski District of Minsk detained the three unemployed inhabitants of the village of Tsnyanka on August 9 at 2 p.m. The oldest of the guys is 21. Being drunk they tried to put out the Eternal Fire near the Monument to Victory at Victory Square at 4.30 a.m.”

The press-officer of the Partyzanski District Department of the Interior Andrei Homanau noted that they wanted to commit their “deed” naked:

Homanau: “The hooligans put off their clothes and wanted to put the fire out like that”.

The reasons that made the young people commit this “act of heroism” are unknown. The detained say they were drunk and do not remember anything. Interestingly, they got into their car and rode home after that:

“They give no explanation; they just say they don’t remember anything because they were drunk”.

The young vandals were detained due to the fact that witnesses recalled their car ID number. An investigation has been started.

Homanau: “They are detained and a criminal case according to article #339 has been started”.

The result of the investigation may be rather unpleasant for the guys: “It seems to be just a mere hooliganism but it can result in 6 years of imprisonment”.