Mystic coincidences in Boeing 777 crash

The South Korean plane crash-landed in San Francisco airport on July 6. The plane had 16 crew members and 291 passengers aboard. Two 16-year-old girls from China died, 182 people were sent to hospital. The investigation does not consider a terrorist act being the reason for the accident.

The mentioned coincidences gathered round the number 7. The first message stated: "On July 7 (July is the 7th month), the plane Boeing 777 had on board 77 citizens of South Korea, 142 passengers from China and Japan (the sum of numbers "one", "four" and "two" makes 7), 61 U.S. citizens ("six" plus "one" also makes 7) and 16 crew members ("one" plus "six" is 7). Seven turns out to be everywhere. A coincidence?"

The South Korean media turn attention to the number 7 in the flight number (214). Indeed, if we put together "two", "one" and "four" we'll have 7.

RIA Novosti notes that 43-year-old pilot Lee Gang-guk who flew 43 hours in total in this very Boeing 777 operated the plane. The sum of numbers gives two 7s again.

Photo - Reuters