Myasnikovich wants to impose VAT on foreign parcels


Head of the Higher Chamber of the Parliament Mihail Myasnikovich thinks that it is necessary to impose the value added tax on foreign parcels arriving in Belarus. He said it at the final meeting of the ninth session of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the fifth convocation  on June 30, BELTA reports.

“There is an avalanche-like increase in foreign parcels and Belposhta does not benefit from it. 6.5 million parcels arrived in Belarus last year and all of them are processed by the postal service. Almost 5 million parcels arrived in the first five months of 2015. People are ordering things for personal use and for reselling, he noted. They do not pay the VAT when they order something from China. We pay the VAT automatically when buying milk or bread in shops. However, no VAT is paid when you receive a parcel form abroad,” the speaker of the Higher Chamber explained.