Movement For Freedom puts forward 55 parliamentary candidates

Parliamentary candidates selected by the Movement For Freedom / Euroradio

The Movement For Freedom selected 55 parliamentary candidates at a conference in Minsk on September 28. Yuras Hubarevich, Ales Mihalevich, Viktar Yanchurevich, Volha Damaskina, Yury Kazakevich, Victoria Tabolich, Raman Kislyak, Hrystafor Zhelyapau, Vital Amyalkovich, Pyotr Mihurski, Uladzimir Katsora and Uladzimir Shyla are among them.

A statement in support of the defense of Belarus’ independence was adopted at the conference. The organization is urging Belarusian citizens to protect the sovereignty and independence according to the Constitution if Russia attempts to preserve Belarus’ sovereignty, absorb Belarus by force or by economic means.

To preserve Belarus’ sovereignty, the movement is urging the authorities to refrain from signing the integration agreement with Russia, to denounce the Treaty on the Union between Belarus and Russia ‘due to its inefficiency and contradiction to the national interests of the Republic of Belarus’ and to restore a full-fledged border between the two countries.