Mothers 328 come to MPs handcuffed (video)

Mothers 328, Alena Kuzmina

The mothers of people convicted for violating ‘drug article 328’ have written a letter to Lukashenka asking to apply “The Humanization Act” to the convicts, reduce their terms by half, give young people a chance for normal life and allow them to be useful for their country.

“We are against drugs. We do know that drugs are evil. However, petty sales, preservation and consumption have nothing to do with drug trafficking. Thousands of people are imprisoned for drugs. Prison can break them of living in society and may encourage them to commit new crimes when they are released,” they wrote to Lukashenka.

Several mothers came to the House of Representatives to discuss possible changes to the law with MPs on June 4. About fifty people gathered near the entrance to support them. Some activists brought plastic handcuffs.

“We wanted to demonstrate that our hearts are handcuffed because of our children’s pain,” one of the mothers, Alena Kuzmina, said. “We are asking MPs to take our requests into account and pay attention to the long terms of imprisonment for people who are returned guilty of violating part 4 of article 328.”