Maryia Vaitovich

Endless beating, threats and police baton rapes. Here are some stories by some of the inpatients of the Emergency Care Hospital.

The official reason is to prevent 'unauthorized modification of the facade'.

"My basic forecast is that the authorities will be able to save themselves. But I'm not as confident about it as six months ago."

"We have five minutes for lunch and then we need to unload the car!"

Chinese and Russian soldiers will not take part in the military parade on May 9 in Minsk, Defense Ministry tells Euroradio.

The activists behind the controversial initiative demand criminal punishment even for the manifestation of a rainbow flag.

Lukashenka claims that our country sold itself short. But was there anything to pay serious compensation for?

71-year-old Dag Wivestad from Norway is charged with imposing sexual acts on a 10-year-old Belarusian girl.

New Year's Eve fireworks may be a joy for many people but become hell for terrified household pets.