Minskers take to streets over protracted house overhaul

У Мінску жыхары дома выйшлі на праспект з патрабаваннем закончыць капрамонт

Minskers have joined a protest action in Independence Avenue demanding to finish the major overhaul in their block of flats. The repairs started in 2013 and have not been finished so far. The heating system has not been fully replaced, the lifts have not been repaired and the yard improvement has not been completed etc. Officials are only giving the people the runaround, ruh.by reports.  

The action participants brought the banner ‘Save our house! Independence Avenue, 80’ to the picket. They were collecting signatures for another appeal that would be sent to the state bodies. All the house inhabitants came to the picket in the yard but only 20 of them risked coming out to Independence Avenue. Parliamentary candidate, deputy head of the Movement For Freedom Yuras Hubarevich supported the protest. The action was part of his pre-election picket.