Minsk traffic police spend $4000 for two days of helicopter surveillance

While it has collected a total of Br10 million ($5000) in fines for the violation of moving rules. A helicopter that the Belarus Traffic Police rents from a local aeroclub started patrolling the highways in the Minsk region last weekend. Thanks to the 'target designation' from the air, ground police patrols isssued fines totalling almost $5000. However, the police had spend around $4000 for the flights.

Belarus's deputy police chief, Gen.-Maj. Viktar Filistovich voiced the amount of the collected fines, yet refused to elaborate the costs of the helicopter rental. The European Radio for Belarus called the aeroclub in the village of Baravaya near Minsk to get the costs

"The rental of a Mi-2 helicpoter costs Br343,050 per 20 minutes. If you want to fly for several hours, just multiply", an aeroclub staff told our radio.

We did multiply. Police officers flew 8 hours within two days (4 sorties, 2 hours each). One hour costs Br 1,029,150, making it Br8,233,200 per 8 hours! No wonder the Traffic Police Inspectorate is set to refuse from expensive rented flights and to buy their own chopper instead.