Information ministry: If Charter'97 observes the law, it will be unblocked

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The Ministry of Information does not rule out the unblocking the Charter'97 website. Nasha Niva has asked the question about the future of this website to the administration of the ministry by phone.

The question was: "Has it been blocked forever or can this website be unblocked if the violations found by the Ministry are corrected?”

If Charter’97 sticks to the Belarusian legislation, it may be unblocked, senior deputy Minister of Information Ihar Lutski replied.  

"However, it seems that the business model chosen by Charter’97 won’t let it stick to the law. Yet, this is my personal opinion and anything can happen," the official noted.

The website of Charter’97 became inaccessible in Belarus a few days ago. It is a blow to the freedom of speech, Charter97 editor-in-chief Natallya Radzina said. The website will not switch to the domain zone .by like Belarusian Partisan did, she announced.