Milinkevich gives police explanations about his meeting in Masty

The leader of the Movement “For Freedom”, a former presidential candidate Alyaksandr Milinkevich, has held a meeting with inhabitants of Masty today.

The police tried to detain the politician when he was approaching the town. His car was stopped by armed special police troops.

Milinkevich was released after a check-up of documents. However, the police detained him during his meeting with citizens and took him to the police office. He was asked to give written explanations. The politician informed ERB about it.

Alyaksandr Mіlіnkevіch: “I think our meeting with people is more important than the detention. We met young and elderly citizens. People usually stay away fearing to approach the venue but Masty inhabitants were not afraid and they came.

We talked about different problems and the situation in the country. It was a good talk. The police stood nearby listening. Then they approached and said: why didn’t you send an appeal to organize the meeting? I answered that it was not a meeting; it was just a talk between people. They detained me but I was released soon afterwards”.