Mikalai Dzyadok to spend one more year in prison

Mikalai Dzyadok’s trial has ended in Mahilyou prison #4. He was supposed to be released a few days later but the court imprisoned him for one more year. Dzyadok will also have to spend the last three days of his 4-year term in prison, Radio Liberty reports.

The prisoner was returned guilty of 16 cases of violation of the prison regime. Most of the violations were wearing sports trousers or not wearing a T-shirt, the human rights website Viasna reports.

Anarchist movement activist Mikalai Dzyadok was imprisoned for 4.5 years in May 2011. He was accused of hooliganism. The attack on the Russian Embassy and Molotov cocktails thrown at Akstrestina prison were mentioned during his trial. The young man pled not guilty and refused to plead for mercy.