Migrants pay 6 thousand dollars to get to Germany through Belarus

Berlin / pixabay
Berlin / pixabay

Irregular migrants from the Middle East continue to arrive in Germany via Belarus and Russia, writes the German edition of Bild.

Journalists refer to the closed report of the German police for June 2023, dedicated to the situation with irregular migration.

The document shows that in the first five months of 2023, the police established more than 24 thousand cases of illegal entry into the country. After being detained, people applied for asylum. At the same time, 1,824 migrants said they came to the EU via Belarus.

"I was taken by plane from Istanbul to Moscow. From there I went through Belarus to Poland and then on to Germany," BILD quoted a 37-year-old Syrian man in detention as saying.

According to the man, the trip cost him about $6,000.

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