MIA: The influx of Ukraine migrants has decreased thrice

МУС: мігрантаў з Украіны стала прыязджаць у Беларусь утрая менш

The number of Ukrainian migrants arriving in Belarus has decreased thrice because the military activities in Donets Basin have been stopped, head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Belarusian MIA Alyaksei Byahun said. Ukrainians who have relatives in Belarus are coming to our country now, sputnik.by quotes him.


There were almost 18 thousand Ukrainian migrants in 2014 and 14 thousands – last year. 7225 Chinese citizens, 2209 Russians, 1707 Uzbeks, 656 Turks and 637 Lithuanians came to work in Belarus in 2015, BELTA reports.